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Yoshiko Matsuda, oud player

Yoshiko Matsuda

Yoshiko Matsuda

Oud player

Yoshiko Matsuda is a Japansese Oud player and professor of Tama Art University (Classical Arabic Music). She studied Oud and Arabic music theory under Prof. Ali Sriti of l'Institut Superieur de Musique de Tunis. In 2005, she studied in Bait al Oud al Arabi in Cairo, Egypte under the supervision of Naseer Shamma. She is a member of a classical Arabic music ensemble "Le Club Bachraf". She gave concert tour in Tunisia(Monastir, Sfax, Tunis) organized by Ministry of Culture in Tunisia and Embassy of Japan in Tunisia, supported by Japan Foundation(2001 January). Yoshiko participated in : the 3rd Music Festival organized by the Arab World Institute in Paris(2002 June) , the 11th Arab Music Festival and Conference organized by Cairo Opera House(2002 November). She gave concerts in the Kingdom of Bahrain(Muharraq) organized by Ministry of Information in Bahrain and Embassy of Japan in Bahrain, supported by Toyota Motors, Ebrahim K. Kanoo & Japan Foundation(2003 December). She participated in the 22nd, 23rd, 24th and 25th Medina Festival,Tunis(2004 - 2007). Also participated in the 44th International Festival of Hammamet, Tunisia(2008). Gave concert at La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art(Manama, Bahrain, 2009). Participated in the Festival Arts-Med "Shoumous"(Nabeul, Tunisia, 2010). Also gave concert at Saad Zaghloul Culture Center(Cairo, Egypt, 2011, 2012), Rachidia Institute Concert(Tunis 2013) and Tarnimet Festival(Tunis 2014). She participated in International Serif Muhiddin Targan Oud Festival (Yunus Emre Institute, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2018) and Katara 2nd Festival for oud instrument(Katara Opera House in the Cultural Village, Doha, Qatar, 2018). Yoshiko is one of the producers of Pastorale Records. Published the Japanese translation of the book "La musique arabe" ('98 Pastorale Publishing) written by Salah El Mahdi. Released CD"Le Club Bachraf"(2000, Pastrorale Records) and CD "Concert at Dar Rachidia" (2013, Pastrorale Records). She provides arab-music.com. Board of Japan-Tunisia Friendship Association.

Taqsim Oud Saba - Yoshiko Matsuda(YouTube)
Samai Hassine Yoshiko Matsuda(YouTube)
Le Club Bachraf concert at Saad Zaghloul culture center Cairo 2012 - Inta Omri(YouTube)
Le Club Bachraf concert at Saad Zaghloul culture center Cairo 2012 - Lissa Fakir(YouTube)
Samai Saba composed by Yoshiko Matsuda, performed by Le Club Bachraf
Le Club Bachraf concert at Saad Zaghloul culture center Cairo(SoundCloud)
Photo album "Le Club Bachraf concert at Saad Zaghloul culture center Cairo"(Facebook)

mailto : yoshiko@tamabi.ac.jp

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