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Takako Nomiya, Darboukka player

Takako Nomiya Takako Nomiya

Darboukka player

Since 1998, she studied darboukka under Masatoshi Kainuma in Tokyo and started to play the darboukka mainly in a group accompanying Oriental dances. Takako collaborated with various musicians in some live performances and events in Japan. She participated in Le Club Bachraf in August 2003. She stayed one month in Istanbul to study Oriental music from the end of September 2003. Takako gave concerts in the Kingdom of Bahrain(Muharraq) organized by Ministry of Information in Bahrain and Embassy of Japan in Bahrain, supported by Toyota Motors, Ebrahim K. Kanoo & Japan Foundation(2003 December) and participated in the 22nd Medina Festival,Tunis(2004 November).


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